My new appreciation for meandering in Muizenberg and Kalk Bay: Green Route

I took these photos under lockdown Level 5 and 4. I wanted to capture the empty streets of Muizenberg and the store fronts in Kalk Bay.

Sometime in March, I wrote a story for Daily Maverick/TGIFood about Chardonnay Deli in Constantia and its little sister Dalebrook Cafe opposite Dalebrook Tidal Pool. “The people, the food, the welcome. Owner Charmaine buzzing between the two restaurants.”
Fast forward a couple of weeks and we’re in lockdown and both are open, operating more like greengrocers and bread bakers. On a much-reduced staff.
All the bread was gone by the time I got to Dalebrook but banana loaf was still warm on the shelves so I snaffled one (for the fam, yeah, right). PS: takeaway coffee was delicious ☕️

Although, with Level 1, Kalk Bay is buzzing again, during lockdown the streets were quiet, most shops and cafes closed. There’s beauty in the empty spaces, a peacefulness and Dalebrook Cafe has a queue of customers in masks, waiting to buy the just-baked bread and pies. Although, technically, take-away coffee isn’t an essential service, my Dirty Chai is perfection, sipped overlooking the tidal pool. Perhaps nibble on one of their wholesome muffins (as in full of fruit, low on sugar, wholesome to me).

Now Dalebrook Cafe is open for physically-distanced eating-in and there’s a courtyard to one side I like to sit in when its sunny. You can listen to my story about Dalebrook Cafe in Daily Maverick.

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Published by Melanie Farrell

Founder of Green Route ZA - the path to eco-conscious living. I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

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