Pay it Forward ZA

Green Route ZA promotes eco-conscious living in South Africa. We would never tell anyone how they should live, we simply make it easier for people to make better choices when it comes to sustainable living.

How do we do this? By promoting zero-waste shopping, eco-NPOs working towards a healthier environment and businesses that focus on eco-living.

Listen to eco-conscious South Africans share their green spaces and places on Spotify

Have you heard about the #PayitForward movement? It’s based on the 2000 film Pay it Forward where a teacher encourages his students to change the world through altruistic acts.

Pay it Forward – three favours for three people

For the past three years I’ve quietly been applying a principle of #payitforwardZA 

Here are the eco-NPOs (environmental Non Profit Organisations) I support through Green Route ZA: The Beach Co-op, Soil for Life, SEED and Earthchild Project.

I also support zero-waste shopping in Cape Town:  NUDE FOODS in the city, Shop Zero in Woodstock, The Daily Goods Store in Muizenberg village, Low Impact Living in Glencairn and the Conscious Co-op in Simon’s Town.

James Beck and his simple acts of kindness

JAMES Beck talks about his experience of living based on a pay-it-forward system.: “In 2011 James Beck travelled to every state in the US running a social experiment called Serf Bliss. For one year he wanted to see if he could live based on a pay-it-forward system. During this journey James learned how simple acts of kindness can unlock humans potential in unexpected ways. In this riveting and charming talk James Beck explains how picking up dog poop can change lives.”

Botlhale Tshetlo and her 38 random acts of kindness

Botlhale Tshetlo gave a talk at TEDx Soweto about her 38 random acts of kindness to celebrate her 38th birthday. When Botlhale Tshetlo turned 38, she carried out a list of 38 random acts of kindness as her way of giving back and giving thanks. Follow Botlhale on Twitter: @TlhaleD Here she gives a TEDx talk:

What could you do to Pay it Forward ZA?

Green Route ZA is the A to Z of eco-conscious living


Green Route ZA supports the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals UN Sustainable Development Goals

Covid-19 response:

Developing countries are most at risk during – and in the aftermath – of the pandemic, not only as a health crisis but as a devastating social and economic crisis over the months and years to come. According to UNDP income losses are expected to exceed $220 billion in developing countries, and an estimated 55 per cent of the global population have no access to social protection. These losses will reverberate across societies; impacting education, human rights and, in the most severe cases, basic food security and nutrition.

To support the poorest and most vulnerable, the UN has issued a Framework for the immediate socio-economic response to COVID-19, calling for an extraordinary scale-up of international support and political commitment to ensure that people everywhere have access to essential services and social protection.

The UN COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund aims to specifically support low- and middle-income countries as well as vulnerable groups who are disproportionately bearing the socio-economic impacts of the pandemic. Women leaders convened by UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed have called for support for the UN roadmap for social and economic recovery and for fully funding of the UN Response and Recovery Fund.


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