Time for another catch-up from the South: Green Route

Join me for an open day, celebrate Soul time and a story about sticking to a fresh food budget with food artist Parusha Naidoo.

Soil for Life, one of the NPOs promoted by Green Route ZA, held an Autumn open day on Saturday and I went along, meeting my son there. At 9.30am we joined a workshop with plant-based chef Kuna Pancha who showed us how to make dosa with lentils. We had warm dosa with two chutneys Kuna made: a coconut chutney and a tomato-based one.

The biggest piece of news in our life is that we have a new dog, a most splendid hound called Soul. Be prepared for many, many photos of our canine companion who, despite a tough start in life, appears to be a genius.

It’s not all about Soul, although we are smitten with his goofy, gorgeous character. The Clovelly Community Market was held recently and I went along to stock up on Marinella’s marmalade and olives, Penny’s plants (two new wild olive trees for the garden) and a couple of new secondhand books. Plus Plethora Vegan (who lives in Clovelly) was at the market so I filled up a container (brought from home, well done me) with the delicious salads and some vegan lasagne and that was lunch sorted.

Have you heard about the #silversisters? Women around the world are celebrating their silver locks and quitting colour so I decided it was time to join them. I made my way up the cobbled alley that leads you to Beautiful Chaos and found a green haven, filled with plants and ….. a shampoo bar. I bought some silver shampoo and when the bottle is empty I’ll be going back to refill the bottle. So very pleased to have found a zero-waste solution to shampoo and conditioner.

I finally got round to writing another story for Daily Maverick: Parusha Naidoo: Thinking outside the veggie box. Parusha Naidoo sets herself a challenge to spend no more than R250 a week on fresh food and finds there’s more than enough to share with friends and family. I met Parusha through the Ocean View Organic Farm veggie box scheme and the Clovelly CAN, which supports the farmers.

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