Goodbye to my devoted little Miss Molly

During lockdown one of the toughest things we’ve had to cope with was the death of little Molly.

She’d been with us since we adopted her from the Grassy Park SPCA and we picked her because she was the craziest coot I’d seen for a long time. She raced around the enclosure barking with joy. We knew what we were getting.

Molly’s joyous personality and looniness was so beguiling she was the one we went home with. Always up for some fun, a walk or a tummy-rub, she became my constant companion when I gave up the rat-race and started working from home. Where ever I went, Molly was there, underfoot and devotedly by my side.

We miss you little Moll.

Canna Oil from Cosmic Bazaar – one for me, one for my dog.


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Published by Melanie Farrell

Founder of Green Route ZA - the path to eco-conscious living. I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

One thought on “Goodbye to my devoted little Miss Molly

  1. So sorry for your loss! There is nothing to replace the love and friendship of a beloved pet. I said goodbye my 19 year old cat a few weeks ago, so I can imagine how you are feeling. All the best to you at this sad time


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