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This week I chat to Kelly Wiltshire McQue author of At Home With Cannabis

I live with my husband, my daughter, our 3 dogs, 2 cats and 1 rat on a farm just outside of Ballito, KZN.

I’m 42 years old and I’ve lived most of my life in Ballito, KZN.

I studied journalism at Rhodes University and worked as a journalist for a bit in my 20s. University is also where I was first introduced to cannabis but my passion for the healing aspects of cannabis deepened when I used it to heal myself of breast cancer in 2012.

I started Cannabis Guru as a vehicle to help me spread awareness regarding the healing benefits of the cannabis plant. Having experienced those benefits for myself I feel very strongly that more people need to be made aware that there are other options available than just “conventional medicine”.

Prior to lockdown I was preparing for the release of my book, At Home With Cannabis, and I was advising others with regards to cannabis use through my Facebook group, Canna Kitchen, while also homeschooling my daughter. 

My book was released during Level 5 of lockdown and so the release was delayed as a result. However, the switch to people using video for interviews and webinar has been a blessing as I now have access to a much wider audience than geography previously afforded me.

My aim with At Home With Cannabis  is to empower people with all they need to know to embark on their own cannabis healing journeys. It covers my story and includes how cannabis works, how it feels using it, tried-and-tested cannabis remedy recipes and a basic treatment guide for healing/managing different diseases.

You can buy it from local bookstores like Exclusive Books, Bargain Books and PnA, online and in ebook format from Takealot and Amazon or you can order a signed copy directly from me at 

Cannabis has benefits for all ages but most especially for people over 40 years old and those who have more serious health issues. I find most of the people interested in learning to use cannabis are mainly men and women in their 30s and upwards who are wanting to help themselves or a loved one. As people have become more educated regarding the potentional benefits of cannabis and CBD, so more and more people have approached me for advice. This was one of the reasons I decided to write the book as I could see there was a need for a guide to assist people through the process. 

My favourite green spaces and places in Ballito are… 

Salt Rock Beach for some soothing ocean sights and sounds, 

The Waterberry Restaurant and Forest Walk when I need to be around the trees and Zen Park for a fresh, open and natural space, 

Just down the road from me is The Rain Farm, a beautiful game reserve that allows for day visitors and drives. 

On the farm is the Umhlali River – I am blessed to have moved to a farm that overlooks the Umhlali River and its a short, pleasant walk with the dogs down to the water and back. 

Cannabis really helped me get through the initial Level 5 lockdown as it helped me manage the anxiety and feeling stir-crazy from being indoors all day. 

These days I use cannabis to keep me lifted and focused on forward momentum. I take a teaspoon of cannabis infused Coconut oil each night before bed to help me sleep deeply and I smoke cannabis during the day if I feel I need a lift. 

One of the things I appreciate most about lockdown is the focus it has brought to natural health and how we can keep ourselves healthy and prevent ourselves from getting sick. 

It makes me happy to know that I am helping people and that I am leaving this world a little better than I found it. 

You can buy it from local bookstores like Exclusive Books, Bargain Books and PnA, online and in ebook format from Takealot and Amazon or you can order a signed copy directly from me at 


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