Learn how to grow cannabis at home: Green Route

Canna Meds is a small, family-run craft operation based in the Garden Route of South Africa.

I chat to the founder, Jenni, about cannabis cultivation.

I grew up in the Eastern Cape, studied Art and Photography and have always had an affinity for Cannabis, let’s just say I grew up in the 60s and 70s when freedom became a focal point in our lives and musicians and writers made a new kind of sense. Cannabis formed an integral part of our scene.

At the moment I am in Knysna for lockdown. I’m 60 and have two beautiful daughters aged 27 and 23. I lived in the southern peninsula before and I have grown cannabis for many years. I decided last year (2019) to join my younger daughter in Vietnam. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we had to return to SA. My older daughter runs CannaMeds now although I am still very much involved. All our products are made from our own organic legally grown cannabis. 

I had German measles in pregnancy with my daughter Tayla and she was born six weeks premature. I raised my daughters alone and the youngest one was very sickly and also had chronic eczema so we spent her growing up years in and out of government hospitals. As a teenager she became extremely ill mentally and physically and during this time of anxiety and depression I realised that only cannabis had a positive effect. Pharmaceutical drugs were slowly killing my child so with trial and error I learnt as much as I possibly could and developed a better understanding of medical cannabis and how utterly amazing it is.

I started CannaMeds with a natural healing balm for my daughter’s eczema after constant steroid use started destroying her health and thinning her skin. I must tell you that I am still amazed at the efficacy of this product daily. I had tried some of the cannabis and hemp products around and found that they were not very effective. The more I researched the better I understood how the quality of the product was directly influenced by the quality of the cannabis. We use only the finest flowers from our legal cannabis plants all grown in ideal indoor condition and with carefully controlled methods.

I’m very concerned about the lack of knowledge about CBD products in SA. There is so much confusion about cannabis and hemp derived cannabinoids. Industrial hemp is not cannabis. Unfortunately in the USA these two names are frequently interchanged.

The fact is that the CBD products being sold in SA at exorbitant prices are actually just CBD only derived from the industrial hemp plant and CBD alone is not enough.

We at CannaMeds are trying to educate people about the Endocannabinoid System and the entourage effect and how it is absolutely crucial to use genuine cannabis not hemp.

As our products are made from small batch organic cannabis, we will never supply stores or other online shopping platforms. We import specially chosen female seeds from the best seed banks in the world. We use no chemicals to extract the cannabinoids. No alcohol or Butane and no CO2.

We deal with people in a very personal way. Each person is different and will have a cannabis dose that is just right for them. We know every single customer by name… We don’t just leave them to buy products and not know what to do.

Shop online www.cannameds.co.za

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Founder of Green Route ZA - the path to eco-conscious living. I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

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