Waffles the Wonder Dog and life in lockdown: Green Route

I’m good at asking other people to share their green route but forget to share my own.

Daily Routine

Waffles the Wonder Dog and I have our morning CBD drops and I’ve run out of the Balanced CBD drops that I normally take. I’m sure it’s fine to take the animal drops until my drops arrive.

Waffles and I are ageing (gently) together – who knew these aches and pains would be a daily fixture and Waffles has the added impediments of blindness, deafness and, more recently, he twisted his leg and has damaged a ‘knee’ joint. Plus he’s 14 or thereabouts: he came from the SPCA as a traumatised yearling who had been abused by his adoptee. It was horrible to see how he flinched at the sight of a fly swat so I think I know what happened.

After a breakfast of lightly poached chicken with rice and some expensive canine kibble Waffles settles in for a snooze on the floor of my study, warmed by the under-floor heating.

He spends most of the day sleeping, happiest when his human (Sam) is around but when Sam’s out he’ll chill with me. At 4pm he starts looking for supper, more rice, chicken, biscuits and a couple of drops of CBD oil.

I was feeling a bit desperate because I ran out of both lavender oil (essential in lockdown) and my Balanced CBD drops.

My Balanced Oil has arrived. Hurrah. I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with taking the animal blend but obvs it’s better to take the human blend. Dylan Johns from Cosmic Bazaar agree: ‘
“Our Animal blend has been specially formulated with the right ratios and potency to be the perfect match for our animal friends. Over many years, and trying our original human drops with many different animals, we found the one that works best for most ailments that our furry companions have.”

When my zero-waste parcel arrived, clad in brown paper (hurrah!) there was a gift inside. A small tub of Canna Salve, containing pain-relieving CBD. Thank you Cosmic Bazaar, beautiful people.

On another note: Deep Thoughts and Breathing through the storm

I’ve been having Deep Thoughts about lockdown and life and what it all means. And how to feng shui your desk so that you invite in only Good Things, like love and happiness, wealth and creativity. It’s also a very good way to relax and procrastinate while your to-do list of admin grows in the admin corner.

I think I need a Virtual Assistant. Have you heard about VAs? Someone who assists you with whatever needs doing – admin, accounting, social media, registering companies, invoicing. My sister, Jenni, who goes by I Love Olive in New Zealand is a virtual assistant. If you’d like to contact her (she’s registered with the NZ Virtual Assistants association) here’s her website: I.L.O.V.A

In South Africa I’ve been in contact with Virtual Assistant (VA) Sophie Jooste and I’m saving my cents so that I can employ a VA, one day.

I am feng shui (ing?) my desk. You will, no doubt, be amused. I am welcoming in wealth in the top left hand corner and looking for a buddha. Sam chased me out of his room (he has more than one buddha, ungrateful child) and David and Josh just smirked and rolled their eyes.

Listening to calming music is a good way to calm down and I watch a TEDx talk about how to cull critical and negative thoughts. Observe the thought, ask yourself how it serves you and dispose of it if it’s not useful to you. A bit like the Marie Kondo of thoughts. Examine, observe, decide.

You’re welcome.


To buy any Cosmic Bazaar products, including Canna Oil CBD oil that I’m taking and CBD for animals (Waffles the Wonderdog is taking this one), visit Cosmic Bazaar’s online store here. The GRZA code gives you 10% off your order.

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