Take a bite out of these just-baked scones at The Scone Shack near Cape Point: Green Route

Scrolling through my ‘woefully inadequate’ Instagram photos/feed*, I realised scones and coffee, cappucinos and dirty chais featured fairly frequently. And why is this?

Because I’m not talking about any old heat-and-eat or cook-from-frozen scones. Although they have their place and certain members of our family have been seen splicing a frozen scone and popping into the toaster during a scone crisis.

Scones served just right at The Scone Shack near Cape Point.

I’m talking about scones that are freshly-baked and go directly from the oven to the plate. Much the same way as field to fork.

The Scone Shack, Cape Point

The Scone Route is new. As in no-one’s using the hashtag on Instagram yet. How can this be so? Cape Town’s Scone Route so far, and we welcome new members, starts at the mother of all scone makers: The Scone Shack near Cape Point. A wood-fired oven, locally milled stoneground flour and a secret recipe make these scones fairly top-notch on the Richter Scale of scone niceties.

Can you tell I’ve been watching The Crown a lot? Before that I watched the entire series of Weeds, every night for weeks on end (newbie to Netflix). Now it’s The Crown. The Queen and her corgies and afternoon tea in the drawing room. I imagine the Queen’s scones are fairly insipid compared to the light-as-air scones produced by the DIY oven on the off-grid farm near the entrance to Cape Point.

How’s that for a good scone, loosely formed and baked in a wood oven at The Scone Shack?

A good scone is best served with an excellent home-made jam, one finds. The fruitier the better and light on sugar. Photo: The Scone Shack

The crucial question is: what are you going to have with your hot scone? It’s one of those things best not messed with: a warm scone, a pat of butter, strawberry jam and a dash, just a dash, mind you, of thick cream. None of that overwhipped cream in a can, thank you.

Clotted cream is best but a good double cream should do the trick. I’m not one of those pile-it-on-thick jam creamery people. It’s all about the scone. Is it crisp on the outside but have a good ‘give’ as you bit into it? Does the strawberry and cream aroma perfume the mouthful but the break-in-the-mouth crumbly butteriness, slightly savoury from a dash of salt, is the flavour I’m looking for.

So the Scone Shack is top of my pops and a new discovery, The Pink Geranium, is a brand-new entry into the Scone Route. We stopped in to look at the gardens and discovered there were scones in the oven and they were coming out in two minutes.

In the interests of researching the Scone Route I ordered one hot scone, along with a double cappuccino. Or was it a dirty chai? Anyway, the scone that arrived was huge. Golden and slightly cracked on top with homemade strawberry jam and a pretty flower sprig from the garden. I had to share my scone (in case you were wondering).

Sizeable scone: Hot scone newcomer from The Pink Geranium.

So our Scone Route starts at The Scone Shack near Cape Point and then re-emerges at The Pink Geranium near Stellenbosch. What’s going to be next?

* According to my social-media-savvy son I need help with Instagram.

See the story that I wrote about The Crooked Little Scone Shack in Daily Maverick

Please check in with restaurants before you visit to confirm that they are open during lockdown. The Pink Geranium nursery is open and you can buy takeaway coffee from the tea room (27.6.2020)

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