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There are so many stories to be written about coronavirus. So many people doing good things and, in the middle of the tragedy that we are experiencing, there are signs that Nature is finding a way to restore some balance.

Support local producers: Craft gin from Trouvaille – love the packaging. Photo: Melanie Farrell

Birdlife is booming during lockdown. The birds in our garden are all aflutter and enjoying the lack of freeway noise.

Pollution levels are down – good for global warming (not good for Trump) – and from where I’m sitting at home lots of people are taking it seriously, some with grace and humour, others less so. I’m not here to dwell on the negative or undervalue the devastating economic impact but perhaps we can all find a way to find a new balance in our lives?

What do we need to survive, physically? Food and water.

Emotionally? Connection with other people, nature and our pets.

Namaste is the NEW NORMAL – goodbye handshake, I’m glad you’ve gone.

In this Time of Corona where we need to keep our distance physically we can max out on virtual connection. It’s not the best way to connect but technology is better than nothing.

Rewind to 1960. No social media. No Facebook updates, no Instagram images, Twitter-free. TV and radio and newspapers would package world events for you, in a manageable way. Now we can scroll through thousands of videos, podcasts, live chats with thousands of people we don’t know. They are our community in the Time of Corona.

Anyone remember my drought post where I shared useful advice? Corona advice abounds, so I’m share some of the most eye-catching and useful images I’ve seen this week.

Borrowed from New Zealand
Soap is all you need.

If you want to follow me on Instagram I’m creating mini-gardens and mini-projects to do at home plus I share a lot of eco-NPOs and eco-conscious businesses in South Africa.

Steve Pike from Wavescape put together a great illustration to demonstrate how to Flatten the Curve of the coronavirus in terms a surfer can grasp. And it works for non-surfers too. Thanks Steve.

Steve Pike from Wavescape demonstrates what Flatten the Curve of coronavirus means in surfing terms.

Read Steve’s full story Don’t Wipe Out, Flatten the Curve


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