Masego Morgan shares her sustainable journey: Green Route

Cape Town-based Masego Morgan, who is studying Visual Communications, uses Instagram to talk about her sustainable journey

‘For ethical, sustainable and local brands. I usually go to the Neighbourgoods Market Cape Town in Woodstock on a Saturday. The food is pretty pricey and the clothes are pricier, but it’s worth it. Sometimes the designers are there and you get to talk to them about their brand and where their products are made. I find most of my investment pieces here.

One of my favourite food places is in Johannesburg, everytime I find myself in the city of gold I go to eat at Free-Food. It’s a small vegan restaurant, where you share tables with strangers creating a sense of community. The food is amazing and free of gluten, meat, dairy products. Their vegan cheese which is made from zucchinis is divine! If you’re lucky you can find it at Wellness Warehouse around the country, but it’s usually sold out… it’s that good.

Fashion Revolution SA I love fashion and experimenting with my style. I started thrifting when I was younger because I could buy more clothes with my monthly allowance at my local thrift store than I could at the usual fast fashion places. It only became a conscious decision about two years ago. I either buy thrifted pieces or invest in pieces from ethical, sustainable and local brands.

I frequently visit TEARS Animal Rescue charity shop and St Luke’s Hospice (Cape Town), they have a few around the city of Cape Town. These places are great if you’re able to go often and rummage through everything. I find that during the winter there is a better selection of clothes. Since the money is going to charities and the clothes have been donated, the prices are really affordable, bordering on steals.

The last of my favourite green spots isn’t a physical place, it’s Instagram. I follow different instagram accounts that are either ethical/sustainable brands or accounts that promote brands which are ethical, like @fash_rev_southafrica, Fashionrev SA to find more ethical brands around SA.’ Read Masego’s suggestions for sustainable swaps in this post:

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🌞// SUSTAINABLE SWAPS The last 2 years I’ve made a few swaps to more sustainable/low impact products, I shared a few on my stories during Plastic Free July (saved in the “Low Impact” highlight) and I thought I’d share a few more here. . 🍾 Glass Water Bottle: I use glass water bottles that I got from restaurant when ordering (sparkling) water, usually they don’t reuse them so I just ask the waiter if it’s okay to take them home. I’ve gotten mine at @livebaitza, @thehussargrill and @gorgeousgeorgecpt . Ask the waiter first if the water comes in a glass bottle cause you might just get a plastic bottle which kinda defeats the purpose. I also use to use a vodka bottle but you can get stopped by the police cause it’ll look like you’re drinking in spaces where you’re not meant to 🙃. . 🪒 Safety Razor: I swapped out using disposable razors for a safety razor because the blades can be recycled, I bought mine at Milnertone Market for R50 (there’s a vendor that “specialises” in them). You can find vintage ones for a similar price at antique stores and markets. Otherwise you can get them at stores like, and online @faithfultonature. . 🦷 Toothbrush: After hearing that all the toothbrushes I’ve ever used will outlive me, I decide to change to bamboo since I have the privilege and access to. I’ve been using them for a year now. After getting use to the different taste/texture of bamboo, it’s been chilled. I’ve used my old plastic toothbrushes in multiple ways. I have one that I use to clean my razor, another I use when cleaning my shoes and I’ve seen people use them to brush dirt off mushrooms. You can get bamboo toothbrushes at, and online @faithfultonature. . P.S this is not sponsored, but maybe it should be 😉. . Fit// Sunnies: thrifted at a market in Copenhagen. Bikini: thrifted at St.Luke’s Hospice. . . . [Image Description: 1. Masego, black South African and Japanese, ties her hair up while on the sand dunes, it’s golden hour but it’s windy so she didn’t actually swim. 2. A rushed flat lay of a blue handled safety razor, razors in a box, an old plastic toothbrush, a bamboo toothbrush and a glass water bottle]

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PS: Masego shared her Green Route with me way back in 2017 but I’ve got a new story in the pipeline so watch this space.

Masego is doing a giveaway with Your Badge Statement bags, along with her friend Stella Hertantyo, also from Cape Town.

Green Route ZA is the A-Z of eco-conscious living


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