The Beach Co-op’s final clean-up for 2019 was in Madagascar: Green Route

The Beach Co-op helps to clean up a marine reserve in Madagascar

Cleaning up in Madagascar PHOTO The Beach Co-op

Final clean-up for 2019 ⚡️

The Beach Co-op founder, Aaniyah Omardien writes: “Twenty four people (10 kids and 14 adults) cleaned the Tampolo Marine Reserve – a 5km stretch of coastline and collected 86kg of marine debris. The Ambodiforaha women’s volunteer group have been cleaning the village for the last two years , with the support and encouragement of Masoala Forest Lodge, and are proud of their village. The extension of this to their beaches is a natural one, and we hope they continue to do this amazing work.

The idea of using @captainfanplastic’s story had to be abandoned because the locals believe in pirates and are afraid of them – even if they are good pirates! This in itself was an interesting engagement and realisation of how we interact with coastal communities.

We are working with @pryan_seabirds from the @africanornithology and specifically recording and interested in the water bottles found and where they originate from.

Thank you @masoalaforestlodge for bringing us together and closing off our beach cleanup activations for 2019 in one of the biodiversity hotspots of the world!”

PHOTO The Beach Co-op
Aaniyah Omardien, The Beach Co-op founder PHOTO The Beach Co-op

Read all about The Beach Co-op here.

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