Clean Up Our Act: Take care of yourself and the world – Green Route

Two weeks on the Garden Route and in the Karoo remind me of some morning rituals I’m introducing to clean up my act

The swimmer girl at the Old Rectory in Plett seeks answers PHOTO Melanie Farrell

We’ve been on a two-week holiday, up the N2 from Cape Town, Plett for two nights, Nature’s Valley for five nights and De Rust in the Karoo for four nights.

What was the best part of the holiday? Not having a computer to sit at every morning and writing freehand.

So here I sit back at the computer missing those times. But I did make some resolutions so here I am reminding myself of fresh ways of living.

Sunrise in Plett on the Garden Route PHOTO Melanie Farrell

I’d like to develop some morning rituals

Writing, reminding myself of what’s real and important before delving into the online world.

Waking every morning and doing some simple stretches.

Planning the day and what I would like to achieve.

Writing with a purpose, I want to educate, enlighten and inform while learning new things.

Vertical garden at The Old Rectory, Plett PHOTO Melanie Farrell

I’m cleaning up my act. Looking after my health more, enjoying nature more and exploring green spaces and places. I travel rarely, preferring to explore local cafes and restaurants. When we do our annual Garden Route/Karoo trip we drive because flying’s expensive and there’s the ozone layer to think about.

Exploring South Africa could keep local travellers happy for years – the natural beauty is incredible. The secret places, the warm-hearted people.

But is South Africa doing enough to protect its natural beauty, its biggest drawcard when it comes to tourism? Could we do more?

Imagine if the government embraced recycling, phased out fossil fuels and grew a green economy.

Instead of fossil-fuelled Eskom we could have Windkom or Solarkom powered by our natural resources: wind and sun. It’s a no-brainer really.

Imagine if every b&b, every hotel and every national park insisted on recycling, installed solar power and went zero-waste.

Come on SA, let’s do this together and clean up our act.

Nature in Nature’s Valley PHOTO Melanie Farrell

Looking forward to 2020 and to cheering on the organisations that are cleaning up SA and coming up with replicable solutions for a more eco-conscious life: The Beach Co-op, ID: Green Camp Gallery Project, Earthchild Project, Warrior Youth, Soil for Life, Oceano Reddentes and SEED.

Green Route ZA is the A to Z of eco-conscious living



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Founder of Green Route ZA - the path to eco-conscious living. I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

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