Living big in a tiny house: Green Route

The idea of living in a tiny house is fascinating. Not sure where all my clutter would go but think of the advantages of living lightly, free of unnecessary possessions and, ideally, off-grid.

I’ve always been fascinated by miniature worlds. When I was a child I was enchanted by the storybook Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift. Gulliver being pinned down by tiny people was an image that was both alarming and enchanting.

On home territory – on the Garden Route – we have our own Tiny House dwellers. Garth Ensley and his partner live in a tiny house near Plettenberg Bay.  Watch Garth’s Youtube video here Tiny House SA

Garth has been living in his Tiny House for two and a half years and shares what he’s learned about Tiny House living on his Youtube channel. So give him a follow if you’re interested in tiny house living, especially what’s going on in South Africa.

For some sheer indulgence in tiny house images here’s a perfectly presented tiny house in France.

If you’re interested in Tiny Houses I’d recommend following Living Big in a Tiny House on Youtube. But be warned – Bryce visits tiny houses all over the world and they are addictive watching.

So why am I reposting this – it’s not a new post and not very exciting. Well, I’m going to be sleeping in a tiny house tomorrow night.

Yes, your intrepid reporter is venturing into the unknown world of tiny homes this Sunday night when she will be sleeping in one. Not just ogling Instagram, experiencing in real-time. I will report back. Stay glued.

A bold step for womankind

Green Route ZA is the A to Z of eco-conscious living



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Founder of Green Route ZA - the path to eco-conscious living. I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

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