On getting out more, eating out at The Courtyard Cafe in Kalk Bay and being a bad influence: Green Route

Chance encounters are always the best ones – as I discovered when I went to a tasting of the summer plant-based menu at The Courtyard Cafe in Kalk Bay and got up to some #badinfluence

I was an hour late for a lunch and when I got to the Courtyard Cafe I made everyone at my table listen to why I was late. It was because a story that I’d written was finally being published in Daily Maverick.

I was all of a flutter, trying to think of witty tweets and wondering whether the Twitterverse could wait while I went to Kalk Bay for a tasting of the vegan summer menu and vegan wine from Cathy Marshall.

Then I started on my pet peeve: influencers. We made up a couple of new #hashtags and started swopping Insta-details and I told them my hashtag was #dontcallmeaninfluencer

The brilliant thing was that no-one minded and seemed to think my #hashtags idea hilarious. And that was before I told them about #payitforwardZA and #GreenRouteZA so thank you my new friends.

We also came up with another hashtag for ourselves: #badinfluence.

We were presented with trios of dishes, soups and sliders, pastas and salads with palate refreshers between the courses. And vegan wine from Catherine Marshall Wines.

We all got goodie bags filled with glass jars (yes) of beetroot humus, vegan pesto and loads of other treats.

Starters – soups made from avocado, beetroot and carrot, a waldorf style salad with vegan mayo, quinoa and pea salad and a small side salad.

Main course was a trio of a mini-slider, pasta arrabiata and an aubergine moussaka.

Desserts to drool over included panna cotta, beetroot cashew cake and dark chocolate brownie with banana ice cream. A vegan millionaire’s shortbread was also added at the last minute.

I mean, how pretty is the panna cotta?

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Published by Melanie Farrell

Founder of Green Route ZA - the path to eco-conscious living. I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

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