Daily Goods Store is a zero-waste store in the heart of Muizenberg village: Green Route

Your Zero-Waste tour of Cape Town continues at The Daily Goods Store in Muizenberg. The Daily Goods Store is at 29 Palmer Road in Muizenberg Village and you can shop online and get a 10% discount if you use the GRZA discount code at checkout.

D is for The Daily Goods Store

Josh Beaver, co-owner of The Daily Goods Store in Muizenberg, opted out of a high-stress lifestyle and opened his store, with business partner Calvin Dias, in January 2019.

What drew you to open a zero-waste shop? When I left school a couple of years ago, ago I found myself working in a very conventional, high-stress industry with long hours and long commutes. I found this way of living unsatisfying and unfulfilling; I resigned and went to live in the UK for a while. I spent time working on organic farms, learning about agriculture and my environment. Later, I volunteered on a permaculture farm and worked with a medicinal herbalist. 

On my return from the UK, I wanted to start some sort of business where I didn’t depend on others for an income. I also wanted to know that whatever business I was involved with would be able to operate to my own environmental and ethical ethos. I wanted to provide people with what I was looking for personally: a mix of package-free, vegan and local things in the Southern Suburbs.

I met some awesome people already selling zero waste goods and offered to join them to help them grow their business. Later, I met Calvin Dias from The Hive in Muizenberg, who was their resident permaculture expert. He wanted to start an ethical/environmental market at The Hive and we decided to set up a zero waste shop together.  Take a meander around Muizenberg village

Josh’s three tips for living a more eco-conscious life

  1. Don’t be scared to start. It is really important to accept that you won’t be able to do everything right and fix it all from the beginning, but starting somewhere is the most important step.
  2. Follow the 5Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot. It is important to have a system that you can apply to situations in your life to make more informed decisions. The 5Rs is a great one to start with because it says when I can’t refuse something then I should try to reduce the amount I use and so on. 
  3. Use money as your vote. Becoming conscious that money is your vote makes what you purchase a much more personal matter. You are no longer just another one of the millions of faceless consumers whose decisions don’t make a difference, because every choice and purchase you make has an impact. This gives you a way to vote for your values because you can find companies that operate with your values and vote for them. 


Get a 10% discount when you use our GRZA code at The Daily Goods Store‘s online shop. Enter GRZA at the checkout to receive your 10% discount.

Green Route ZA is the A to Z of eco-conscious living


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Founder of Green Route ZA - the path to eco-conscious living. I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

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