Earthchild Project opens arms to nurture young eco-warriors: Green Route

Earthchild Project opens its arms to children through yoga and it is one of the eco-NPOs supported by Green Route ZA

They may be in isolation, but that doesn’t mean that our Earthchildren are alone…we are using creative and practical ways to reach them …and we need your help !

We have found two ways that we can still make valuable and lasting change during the Covid_19 pandemic.

*We are offering our children and teachers virtual support, connection and learning opportunities through Whatsapp

*We are assisting one of our Khayelitsha schools with a feeding scheme where we aim to feed 500 children every day .

You can help us by donating via the link in our profile.

*Just R900 provides 100 children with lunch for one day!
*Just R120 provides one child with data for learning for one month !

Now, more than ever, we hope that the knowledge and tools we have taught our children, teachers and parents will be able to support them and their loved ones in this challenging time and – with your help – we hope to continue to reach as many people as we can.

Earthchild Project offers yoga, life-skills and healthy living at under-resourced schools in the Western Cape

Earthchild Project, started at the beginning of 2007, is a Non-Profit Organisation operating in the Western Cape, South Africa.  It offers complementary education to under-resourced schools with a focus on the environment, health and life-skills.

Offered during and after school, on weekends and school holidays, their programmes include:

  • Yoga, life-skills & healthy living
  • Gardening and worm farming
  • Hiking and camps
  • Leadership training
  • Teacher training

Working across 8 schools with over 3500 children, the Earthchild Project aims to inspire a new generation of confident, healthy and responsible young leaders.

Living Classrooms

Their 80 Living Classrooms operate during class time and are turning existing classrooms into ‘living’ interactive learning environments. An Earthchild Facilitator sets up a worm farm in each class. They run an introductory workshop and then visit every two weeks for follow up lessons.  They harvest the earthworm compost and use this to plant container gardens. The teacher and children are responsible for feeding the worms and watering the gardens.

Eco warrior Yola Mgogwana from Earthchild Project PHOTO Beautiful News SA

Eco Warriors

Their Eco Warrior Clubs take place after school and are an opportunity for them to work with smaller groups of learners so that they can get more individual attention and input.  The Eco Warrior Clubs meet on a weekly basis and sessions are held outdoors.  Activities are positive, experiential and engaging and often involve the school and broader community.   They conduct waste audits, initiate school wide awareness campaigns, set up vegetable gardens and more. 

Eco-warriors grow spinach at their school with EarthChild Project

Eco Explorers

In addition to bringing hands-on environmental education into the classroom & schools, they also aim, as a next-step in their eco-education, to give these learners an opportunity to experience the natural world first hand. Through the Eco-Explorers, Earthchild Project is inspiring Grade 7 learners to connect with nature through interactive, guided hikes and eco-adventures across the Western Cape.

The main aim of the Eco-Explorers is to instil in learners a strong appreciation for the natural world so that they become more motivated to take care of it.  The hikes are used to teach the children about fauna and flora, as well as environmental challenges such as alien vegetation and pollution.  In addition, facilitators run activities during the hikes aimed at empowering the children with skills such as team work, leadership and communication.

In the past 12 years, Earthchild Project has:

  • Grown from a team of 3 to 12
  • Grown from 1 school to 8 schools
  • Grown from reaching 400 children weekly in 2007, to reaching 3500 children weekly in 2019
  • Developed educational resources for our Living Classrooms, Holiday Programmes, Extra-Mural Clubs, Outdoor Education Clubs, and Young Leaders Programmes
  • Organised and hosted 3 successful Teachers’ Wellness Conventions reaching 800 local school teachers
  • Built strong, successful, long term partnerships with 8 schools, 80 teachers & 12 partner organisations
  • Built mutually beneficial, long term relationships with a diverse range of local and international donors

Earthchild Project has a vision of a world where individuals are inspired to connect with themselves, each other and the environment. Through their programmes, they aim to inspire a new generation of  confident, conscious and responsible young leaders, and through increasing consciousness, they will co-create this sense of Ubuntu.

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