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My morning starts with a couple of drops of Cosmic Bazaar’s CBD oil and rather cleverly I thought I’d blog about it under Canna Buzz Diaries

Launch of new career – blogging about Cannabis in the morning in my CannaBuzz Diary. How’s that going for me? Apart from failing to explain what I’m taking CBD for and that when I say ‘Cannabis in the Morning’ I am referring to taking CBD drops in the morning it’s going well.

Seem to have lots of half-written posts lurking in corners then thought What Would Bridget Jones Do? (WWBJD) and did lovely Instagram post instead. (Although branding expert son says my Instagram ‘feed’ looks bad. Humpf. Think my Instagram feed jolly fine.)

Kalk Bay salon Beautiful Chaos.

Launch of #cannabisinthemorning posts stalled while I slave over paid-for work (as opposed to passion-project work) and now it’s time to slow down and breathe.

Small changes make a big difference and I’m switching to CBD products in glass packaging, supporting friends and sustainable, local small businesses.

How’s your Slow Life looking?
PS. V. V. pleased to see there’s a #dontcallmeaninfluencer out there in cyber verse.

I’ve been taking Canna Oil for about two months now – I wanted to see if it helped before I started blogging about it and it’s been an interesting experience.

When I saw my dentist last week she exclaimed over my ‘amazingly healthy gums’ following dental surgery a couple of months ago. Gums aren’t sexy but when someone exclaims over them it made me think – perhaps the CBD oil is working on my gums as well as general aches and pains?

Perhaps consider possibility that fans (followers) might not appreciate ditsy Bridget Jonesey character. I mean, if you haven’t watched a Bridget Jones movie or read the third book where she’s a single mother after her lawyer husband is killed. Oops. There goes the storyline for that one.

At the start of the New Year, 32-year-old Bridget (Renée Zellweger) decides it’s time to take control of her life – and start keeping a diary. So I thought it would be a good thing to do a Green Route diary.

Green Route ZA is the A to Z of eco-conscious living

Canna Oil from Cosmic Bazaar

Get 10% off all products at Cosmic Bazaar with the Green Route ZA discount code: GRZA Shop here: GRZA Discount

Cosmic Bazaar: “Our range of full spectrum Canna Oil healing elixirs. Made with 100% natural, pure, organic, whole plant cannabinoid extracts. Some quick info on the different blends we have available (please note the ratios are CBD:Δ9). All blends available in 10ml or 30ml bottles.

Sativa Δ9 (1:12) – Good for sleeping disorders and insomnia. High anti-inflammatory and pain-relief properties.   For cancer use in conjunction with our 1:1 during day*  Has strong relaxation effects. Start low and slow. Use at night as this blend can make you sleepy.

Balanced (1:1) – Good for pain relief, arthritis, fibromyalgia, inflammation, tension & stress, cancer*, nausea, diabetes, IBS, Crohn’s, M.S, glaucoma , high blood pressure, menopause, asthma, etc. Can be used during day or night. Has mild relaxation effect.

CBD Rich (3:1) – Good for mental & neurological illnesses, epilepsy & seizures, depression, anxiety. Can be used by older children and animals. Use any time, day or night.

High CBD (9:1) – Good for sensitive people. Has excellent calming effects. Synergised entourage effect with Δ9 but no psychoactivity. Can be used by young children too. Use any time, day or night.

Pure & Organic CBD – Full spectrum C02 extracted Cannabis Sativa Hemp CBD. Contains no psychoactive THC.

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